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Our goal is to take care of the customer and the problem. Our team will identify exactly what the problem may be. We are a professional co. that looks out for its customers. We work with care to better serve the customer. We have the best hands on experience.  This allows  us to inform the customer with precise information. With over 20 years experience on our side, Schaub's Plumbing guarantees to evaluate, diagnose, repair or replace what's necessary. We take pride. Clean shoes and a clean vehicle speak for themselves. Schaub's Plumbing cares about the customer and their property.  Having experience in commercial and residential allows Schaub's Plumbing to meet the needs of home owners and business owners. Overall Schaub's Plumbing is a well rounded business. We have focused on every aspect of plumbing to meet the needs of our Residential and Commercial Customers. Now hear what we have to offer in our services.


New or Existing Water Supply:
Having trouble with pressure ? Let Schaub's Plumbing handle all of your needs. We'll bring the water to you and have it disposed of, properly.

Drain Line:
Are your lines sagging ?  Not supporting you under flowing conditions ? Schaub's Plumbing can take care of sagging, broken, and obstructions within the lines. When Schaub's Plumbing shows the water will flow.

Drain Line Cleaning or Snaking:
Are you up to your neck in water ? Problems with Debris or Blockages ? Schaub's has the cutting edge on the end of their snake. Able to plow threw your obstructions. Guaranteed to resolve the issue.

Fixture Repair or Replacement:
Are your faucets leaking ? Want to put an end to that aggravating drip ! Is it time for a change ?  Repair or Replace it. Let's be conservative here with all the water down the drain. Call Schaub's Plumbing to service your faucets, ice makers, garbage disposal and water purifiers.

Water Heaters:
Tired of waiting on the hot water. Time to upgrade that old out dated rusted tank ?  How about have it instantaneous ? If we can't get you hot water, we'll be in hot water. Tank or Tank less. Gas or Electric. We service and install all.

Under Slab:
Do you think someone is taking your mud ? Is all of your support going down the drain ? Problems with sink holes. Schaub's Plumbing has the capabilities to locate, repair or replace the culprit. View our Featured Service: Video Inspecting

Sub- Surface Drainage:
Would you like to move that pooling water and put it in it's place ? We can resolve this issue. Taking our business from your roof-top to the streets, efficiently!

Are you interested in curb appeal ? Want to beautify your property effortlessly ? Have Schaub's Plumbing install your irrigation system. Electronically controlled. We can deliver the water at whatever time of day.

Meter Resets:
Has your meter been pulled ? Have the tenants not paid the water bill ?Is it time to have your water supply inspected ? Call Schaub's Plumbing. We will inspect, identify any irregularities and rectify. Guarantee the water will flow when Schaub's Plumbing shows.

Back Flow Prevention:
Protecting the water supply is our goal. We are what you call the added life support to your drinking water. Having a back flow aids in cross-connections, not allowing chemicals or what's not suppose to enter the potable drinking water system. Our aim is to fill your glass, naturally. Schaub's Plumbing has a WSPS endorsement license. This allows us to carefully inspect, repair, test and or install a back flow.

Pressure Tests n Supply Lines:
Do you think you have a leak ? Tired of your water trickling down the drain ? With our equipment and intelligence, we can pinpoint where your problem stems. " The Bottom Line Is Your Plumbing Line."

Pump Installation, Start-up & Repair:
Many high rise buildings require a supplement to move water. In some areas the water pressure may be poor. And under the current conditions it may be difficult to get the water to higher standards. Allow Schaub's Plumbing "To get the water to you."

Video Inspections:
Is there a problem with your drains ? Do the lines belch after you wash dinner down the drain ? Are you tired of your toilet running you in circles ? Are you up to your ankles with water in your tub ?
It's time to allow Schaub's Plumbing to investigate what's below the surface. See our featured service for Video Inspecting.

Regulating Valves:
In commercial applications where a high rise pump is placed on a water supply, you may have differences in line pressures from floor to floor. With our competitive pricing, let Schaub's Plumbing balance your water pressure as well your budget. Call us for a free assessment.

Water Hammer Arrestors:
Thinking that your neighbor plays in a band ? Tired of your water lines banging ? Typically just a washing machine filling can create such a problem. Solenoid controlled appliances add to this issue amongst many properties. Water Hammer Arrestors are an important addition, corrective action to help remedy the water supply. Its the shock absorber, kind of like cushioning the ride.

Having trouble getting heated up ? Without having the proper technician the only thing heating up is your temper ? Leave the stress to the best! Let Schaub's Plumbing Service or Install your boiler.

Cooling Towers:
Having trouble cooling down ? Chill out! Put an end to those long hot summers. Schaub's Plumbing can provide, install, or repair your needs.

Strainer and By-Pass Assembly:
Let Schaub's Plumbing filter out your problems. And have an alternate route should maintenance occur. Strainers protect your system from debris that can cause problems or have a long term effect on your water supply. With a by pass system, this would enable maintenance to be performed minimizing system shutdown.


Featured Services

Video Inspection

Schaub's Plumbing cares what's below the surface. Hidden to most home owners eyes, sewer problems can arise below the surface. To better serve customers, Schaub's Plumbing has upgraded to the most innovative technology in camera inspecting sewer lines. Not only does this equipment aid the customer but Schaub's Plumbing as well. Safety is an important measure that all businesses must take. Prior to digging Schaub's Plumbing can locate all hidden encounters.
 1. Precise: Gas , Sewer, Water and Electrical line locations.
 2. Capable of viewing for root, line breaks, sags, scale and debris located internally of the sewer line.
 3. Providing the customer with a copy of our findings. Explaining in detail the culprit, corrective actions and a detail, competitive estimate to resolve.


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Water Heaters "Tank and Tankless"water heaters















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We're not happy unless our customers are happy. Our pride and hard work give the customers the end result they wanted. It's typical for us to hear 'That was the best job ever!!' after we exceed their expectations. When a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, our customers praise our prompt and professional reaction time. It's no error that we are highly recommended for our cleanliness and expert work. We never get tired of hearing feedback from our customers, we encourage it.

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