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Charles Schaub, was born and raised in New Orleans. His start in the plumbing field was changing out galvanized lines in New Orleans' legendary shotgun houses.  Popularized in the 1800's, shotgun homes were built without indoor plumbing, a feature which was often later added with the advent of galvanized water supply.

Over time, however, galvanized pipes usually become obstructed with sediment creating conditions which result in low water pressure.  Consequently, many shotgun houses today have been retrofitted with soldered type l potable copper water supply lines since this material is superior in resisting sentiment build-up.

In the 1990's, Charles became involved with the fire service industry and public service, where his development a keen knowledge of fire hydrant, water flow to a fire truck and pumping capacities from a truck to deployed hand held lines. This work involves thoughtfully calibrating pump pressure to each hand held line so that fire fighters can extinguish fires with optimal pressure.

In addition to his service as an accomplished Fire Fighter, Charles joined the engineering team at the117 room International House a boutique style hotel which is located in the Central Business District of New Orleans.  Within his first four years and after studying the local codes he successfully achieved the license necessary to serve as Chief Engineer.  Over the next six years, Charles led a team of three engineering, served on the hotel’s management committee and oversaw all operating equipment and both the Engineering Department’s operating and capital budgets.  Tasked with operating and maintaining an array of pumps for a/c units, cooling towers, boilers, sump pumps for sewer and many other pieces of equipment, he not only performed well but took on the responsibility of operating two other buildings for the hotel company.  One was a Conference Center and office building.  The second, Loft 523, is a smaller luxury hotel consisting of 18 New York style lofts.   Throughout the term of his employment, including the remarkable challenges thrust upon the hotels in the 2005 flood catastrophe, Charles maintained the confidence of owner / developer Sean Cummings and still maintains the plumbing systems at three of Cummings’ commercial properties via Schaub's Plumbing Repairs, L.L.C.  

In addition to having this thorough background in both commercial and residential structures, Charles Schaub has gone further into testing his knowledge in plumbing.  He successfully passed an examination with the State of Louisiana and received his Master Plumbing License, opening Schaub's Plumbing Repair's L.L.C.  The company is registered with the Secretary of State and maintains necessary General Liability and Workman's Compensation insurance.

Entrepreneurial by nature and newly married, Charles stepped down as Chief Engineer and launched Schaub's Plumbing Repairs, L.L.C.

Currently, Charles Schaub continues to serve his community as a fire fighter and leads all aspects of Schaub’s Plumbing Repairs, L.L.C.  With an uncommon attention to detail and smart, cost efficient solutions, he focuses his attention on servicing, designing and implementing plumbing plans for an extensive roster of both commercial and residential clients.  Often, Charles Schaub is not only the company owner but the mechanic on the job.   

Please view the Photos Tab to see some of the service work that Schaub's Plumbing Repairs, L.L.C. has preformed.

I thank you for taking the time to read what we are all about.

Thanks, Charles Schaub

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